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Welcome to theHockeyNet, a web site dedicated to Hockey and Hockey Card Collecting. I have been collecting hockey cards myself for over thirty years now and actively trading and selling cards on the internet for over fiveteen years. My collection has got pretty large and a bit out of hand there for a while and one day I virtually liquidated most of it all on ebay. I still sell cards there from time to time but now prefer to do it here on theHockeyNet.com, so check out many of the hockey cards that I have available on the site for sale and/or trade.

I constantly got requests from people that wanted to sell their large collection of cards to me and have purchased a few of those large lots, but I certainly couldn't buy everybodys cards. So I created theHockeyNet.com classifieds and allow others to sell their cards on my site.

So become a free member of theHockeyNet.com site and start listing your hockey cards for others to buy or trade. You can manage all your cards from your personalized dashboard and best of all there are no fees for posting or selling your cards. All postings are also promoted through out theHockeyNet.com social networks.

theHockeyNet.com web site network has expanded to now include more hockey web sites providing users with more hockey knowledge and content. Therefore, I welcome you to also check out these hockey web sites currently featuring Sidney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, Mats Sundin, Wayne Gretzky, and many more. I hope that these quality web sites will help to share some hockey knowledge and the passion of this great winter sport.

Hockey Card Shop Directory - Find a Local Card Shop Near You
Local Hockey Card Shop

theHockeyNet.com offers a Sports Card Store directory featuring over 2500 different hobby shops all across North America to help everybody find a card shop in their area.

You can simply go to the Sports Card Directory page and select your province or state and then go to the next page and select your City or Town wich will then be provide you with Sports Card shops in your area (or you can use the province / state drop down search or the search tools).

Each listing includes contact information and a map showing where the store is located allowing you to get directions if you need them. I am continuing to build the database further so if you know of a shop that is not listed then I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

Card Shop Province / State Search Tool

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