2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey Showcases the Evolution of the Goalie

2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey is all about goalies and the history of netminders.2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey

It’s a unique spot in the hobby where many chase goalies simply because of the position.

Masked Men aims to fill that niche. This time around it’s a mix of autographs, memorabilia and metal cards showcasing some of the most dramatic and iconic masks through the years.

Each 2017-18 Leaf Masked Men Hockey box comes with six cards: three hits and a trio of metal cards.

Cards per pack: 6 Packs per box: 1 Boxes per case: 12 Release date: April 13, 2018

• Autographs or Memorabilia Cards – 3 Total

• Masked Men Metal Cards – 3

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