Martin Brodeur an All-time Great Netminder

[Update] On November 26, 2014 Brodeur signed a tryout contract with the St. Louis Blues after their starting net minder, Brian Elliott, was injured. Then a week later, he signed a one-year deal with the Blues, but chose  to retire from the NHL shortly later on January 27, 2015.

After 20+ seasons with the New Jersey Devils, Martin Brodeur, 3 time Stanley Cup champion and all time leader of many NHL records including most NHL Wins (all time & a single season) and most regular season Shutouts (Also the only NHL goaltender to score a game-winning goal!!) has decided to try play for a different team before he retires.

Brodeur believes he still has plenty to offer to a team,  most people believe that he has a slim chance of securing a lead goaltender role this season due to the league containing an abundance of young goaltenders.

Although the Devils have had a few rough seasons, people need to remember that Brodeur’s last three seasons have still been very good. Basically, from about 97-98 through 03-04, he was a league average goalie in terms of save percentage, here is the entire list.

Martin Brodeur an All-time Great Netminder

Season | Brodeur’s Sv% | league average Sv% | difference
1994-1995 | 0.902 | 0.901 | +0.001
1995-1996 | 0.911 | 0.898 | +0.013
1996-1997 | 0.927 | 0.905 | +0.022
1997-1998 | 0.917 | 0.906 | +0.011
1998-1999 | 0.906 | 0.908 | -0.002
1999-2000 | 0.910 | 0.904 | +0.006
2000-2001 | 0.906 | 0.903 | +0.003
2001-2002 | 0.906 | 0.908 | -0.002
2002-2003 | 0.914 | 0.909 | +0.005
2003-2004 | 0.917 | 0.911 | +0.006
2005-2006 | 0.911 | 0.901 | +0.010
2006-2007 | 0.922 | 0.905 | +0.017
2007-2008 | 0.920 | 0.909 | +0.011
14 seasons | 0.913 | 0.902 | +0.011

Two of those seasons he was .002 below the league average, the other 12 seasons he has been better than the league average, and in 7 of those by at least +.010. As mentioned earlier, his career average is an impressive .011 better than league, equivalent to the pace he has maintained the last 5 years.  During the seven-year that “mediocre” stretch, he was +.004 or more above league average overall, while his goals against average ranged from 1.89 to 2.32.

Martin Brodeur rookie card #439 Score

He generally faced fewer shots during those years while maintaining an excellent save percentage, a difficult feat. He also won two Stanley Cups, an Olympic gold medal, and a World Cup during this span, so it’s not like he was off his game.  In the bigger picture, so what? His record is absolutely fantastic either way.

We could split hairs and talk about all the shots he never had to face because his puck retrieval, passing and rebound control are all far above average, contributing significantly to the lower numbers of shots against him without helping his save percentage one bit ( … those skills are reflected in GAA and wins).

It’s pretty hard to measure a whole lot of that stuff, but it’s easy to measure this: Martin Brodeur is one of the all time great net-minders in the history of the game. And he is only 12 wins away from reaching 700 career wins, a mark no one in NHL history has yet to achieve or even come close.

So lets hope some team signs this unrestricted free agent …

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